The Landolfi & Associates' network: the right partners for your business

Over the years, Landolfi & Associati has developed a large and consolidated network linked to the business world and internationalization.

Collaborations have been created and developed with some of the most authoritative Italian and foreign professional and industrial realities, public and private, and with the main international associations in the sector.

The Landolfi & Associati network provides customers with significant advantages from foreign markets and specialist skills.

The target? The offer of real added value for customers through the promotion of synergies between players at a transnational level to increase business opportunities and grow companies towards a multinational dimension.

For this reason, Landolfi & Associati Associati defines, in concert with the Top Managers of customers, the best strategies for entering foreign markets and for industrial and commercial expansion in concert with client companies, making its network available and involving banks, institutions and financial organizations, representative bodies, universities, research centers, public and private bodies in Italy and abroad.

The result is ability to grow the specific knowledge and capacity of the customer and their transformation into an innovative potential or economic growth as well as for the industrial development of the territory.

Landolfi &Associates Law Firm is a founding partner of Harpalis, an Italian consulting network of Law Firms, CPAs, labor consultants and financial advisors that provides, with more than 100 professionals, multidisciplinary services for Due Dilgence, M&A, international transactions and corporate finance to companies in Italy.

The Law Firm is also a member of GGI, one of the largest international network in the world, with more than 650 full-services Law Firms, Tax Advisors, CPAs, business and financial consulting firms, operating in 126 countries around the world, which allows Landolfi & Associates to respond to every need of multinational companies and those intending to expand into foreign markets.