Landolfi, three generations of lawyers, since 1936.


years of enduring passion for Law.

Professor Antonio Landolfi established Landolfi Law Firm in Naples. The goal?

Becoming a landmark in the areas of civil law and commercial law.

Today, after more than 80 years of success and three generations of lawyers who preserve and pass on the original values, Landolfi & Associates and its professionals cover the entire national territory and assist clients in international business.

In addition to the original headquarters in Naples, Landolfi&Associates has offices in Rome and Milan, as well as a network of corresponding law firms worldwide.

Landolfi today: business facilitators

Over time, thanks to experience and qualifications, Landolfi & Associates has become a business facilitator for its clients not only in Italy but all over the world. Protecting, expanding and promoting trade, industry and finance with specialized skills in national and international law is the main goal of our team of lawyers, pursued with complete dedication, continuous training and with a particular eye to excellence.

Landolfi & Associates deals specifically with corporate, commercial, international and banking law, with particular expertise in legal advices and assistance for the protection of the interests of companies and of industrial and financial groups.

Moreover, Landolfi & Associates ensures specialist “all services” legal assistance to corporate clients in all areas of law,┬ádirectly or through consolidated partnerships with other prestigious firms of different areas of law, in Italy and abroad.


Pasquale Landolfi (Professor, Senior Partner & Founder, Advocacy before the Italian Court of Cassation)

Antonio Landolfi (LL.M., PhD, Managing Partner, Advocacy before the Italian Court of Cassation)

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