Business protection: protect your business

Landolfi & Associates offers legal advice and tools to protect its client’s businesses.

Our team usually supports entrepreneurs and corporates in the evaluation of critical legal issues, risks and opportunities in order to let them reach the best economic results from their businesses.

The Business Protection service is reserved for entrepreneurs and corporates and ensures overall legal advisory  to our clients in  different scenarios in relation to all kind of corporate law and commercial law issues and in particular:

  • Legal review of company acts and shareholders decisions
  • Risk assessment of corporate and commercial disputes
  • Representation in all corporate and commercial disputes
  • Review of existing trade agreements
  • Review of existing commercial contracts
  • Drafting of  national and international commercial agreements
  • Continuous support and legal opinions for the interpretation of existing rules of law, new bills and judicial decisions
  • Assessment of legal feasibility for new partnerships and joint ventures – mergers and acquisitions – demergers and sales of shares or businesses
  • Definition and implementation of legal aspects of corporate and group strategies


Business Protection is an accurate and ongoing legal support process. Our professional activity consists of various phases, including:

  • Preliminary Legal Assessment
  • Screening of critical issues
  • Consulting Service Proposal
  • Legal Support