Banking and Financial Law

Legal Assistance in Banking and Finance Law

Landolfi & Associates assists banks, investment funds, financial entities, sponsors, contractors, developers, national and foreign leading corporate groups, as legal advisor for corporate finance issues, for structured finance and project finance transactions, right from the initial financial planning.

legal advisor

Landolfi & Associates assists and follows its clients in a wide range of financial transactions, including:

  • Corporate finance, Structured Finance and Project Finance

  • Cash Pooling

  • Senior/Mezzanine/Subordinated Loans

  • Shareholder Funding

  • Bonds

  • Bridge, Short-Term and Medium-Long Term Loans

  • Syndacated Loan Agreements

  • Escrow Agreements and Escrow Accounts

  • Waivers and Set-Offs

  • Recovery Plans

  • Debt Restructuring

In relation to judicial assistance, Landolfi & Associates provides legal opinions, as well as viable legal solutions, moreover, the considerable expertise of its professionals is also required by:

  • Investment Banks

  • Credit Management Servicers

  • Originators Investors

  • Arrangers 

  • Financial Entities in connection with Securtisations and in general with legal issues related to for the management and recovery of Non Performing Loans

Our professionals in this sector practice are recognized for their  technical competence, high seriousness and practical experience, and are active  in the entire national territory of Italy.

The main objective of our lawyers is to timely  pursue  the main targets of our clients both in the credit recovery  assistance  and in relation to  litigations arising from banking and financial issues and,  from derivatives